линейдж 1 скачать Файлы клиента игры Lineage 2 C4 и Interlude

Дата: 11:05 29.01.2019

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линейдж 1 скачать Файлы клиента игры Lineage 2 C4 и Interlude
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budy tiawarman

what type of your vga card bro.

Ahboii Lim

Hello IceX Need help on this. Downloaded Nox and Install Lineage 2 Revolution but came out nothing at the home page After awhile it says unable to connect to server.

Achik Kun

is it safe to use with my real google account.


great help ty

alfredo fernandez

i install and always says unfortunate google has stop blah.blah.blah.

Vince Tan

hi i cant find my character in Nox. i entered the same gmail for playstore. pls help

GT Gaming News and Previews

5 video 60 dolar bad friend

Mohd Asyraff Mohd Yusoff

Thank you so much.i can play on my pc now.this video very helpfull.thumbs up.


will it work using icloud email.my account is linked to that emailios gamecenter.

Rodgel Kristoffer Bayona

I tried to download the latest version which is the and getting the "Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped." error message.

mark ricablanca

my nox having a problem stuck at 99%. please help me

Lodewijk Vogels

lieage 2


how to fix the resolution in this game.

Daryll Habulin

Hi I need help I am having problems with the colors they seem off. The textures arent properly loaded and everything seems like the buttons are not textured the way it should be and theres a green background. I haven't found any fix yet may I ask for your help.

Arff Arff

Is this good to play L2R.Nox version: System version: Windows7 System type: 64 CPU: AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7 10 Compute Cores 4C 6G CPU core count: 4 Total memory: 7114MB Available memory: 1579MB CPU VT: Enabled Rendering mode: OpenGL OpenGL rendering: GeForce GTX 750 TiPCIeSSE2 Dedicated graphics card.: Enabled Graphics card1: AMD Radeon(TM) R7 Graphics Graphics card2: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

charles poliquit

how do i enable mouse scroll.

Claudius Hansen

bro any suggest for setting nox i play 2 account the main account is smooth but the other multi drive seems heavy and lag should i set up same setting with the main nox.


i've already enable VT and max out all graphic setting but i get weird graphic is there a solution to fix this.

BrokenShellz Gaming

Lineegg 2 levolution is my fave game guy

Von Laden

tried this but the textures are not rendered properly i only see gray and white colorsin the game mypc specs intel i5 video gpu gtx1060 8gb ram 1tb hd

Boy Devis

iceX can open 2 acc with bluestack and nox player.



Marxy PH

i used this nox player but the the graphics i get is very pixelated.but i have a good videocard.how can i fix.

Marna Bechayda

Im using iphone will it work.

Claude Show

How to play with 2 accounts same time on nox.

Massimo Belloni

Hi and ty for your good video i do run l2r on nox and it is good but i can not buy anything from my pc it says the operation can not be done.In past i bought many times with google play in dh5 but i can not in l2r.Many thx and keep up the good job

BamBam Boom

Ice is it fine not to download VT mode will it still work.

Nijay 1987

worked fione connected with google but now i wanted to log in again and my char is gone

Kitozano Takeshi

its says my pc cant handle it but I have 8 gb RAM intel core i5 3.0 ghz NVidia gtx 1050 but it says your device isn't compatible with this device.

Kill La Kill

much thanks friend <3

freak ever

Core I3 3220 Ram 4Gb GPU GTX650Ti can i run this game smoothly.


can i play it on 2 gb ram

Trevor Shingler

are the real google play servers and the apk severs diffrent.On my phone there aden 1-4 on the nox player its 1-2


the english version is suppose to be released in the google store now and nox for some reason can't find it. But my phone picked it up i just wanted to run it off the laptop.

Lanze Manao

Downloaded the game but it doesnt work

Elwin Bu

which one is better blue stacks or nox.

John Willam

what does vt do.

steven atomlas

I dont understand with cores mean on nox but i hv i7-6700hq and 8gb ram what the best setting for me.

Richard J

I just dual boot Android on my pc

Fernan Joseph Punzalan

why is the server im playing with is NOT on the selection in the NOX player mode.

Noel Cruz

can bluestacks and nox run at the same time.


Why is my graphic so bad despite setting at it's highest.


Your pc spec.

Alex Mattice

How do I get onto windawood server it only gives me a few options

Meliodafu kun

I already have the app but im using my apple account. can give me tips.

ariel gerale

can u help me my lineage 2 in my ipad is not working after i download and click open netmarble then crashes

Mihael Keehl

Will you get banned for using nox.

james robert

can iphone sync with nox too.because i dont have android :(

wendelL yong

My VT is enabled. And I followed your instruction. I used the latest NOX version. My Lineage was pure black and white and have a poor quality. Please help.I have a good pc so I don't think it is because of my pc specs.


can you help me iceXgame ive been playing on my phone ive watch the guide of yours for PC but i have a problem whenim using my google account on nox it wont sync my character my save on android to NOX

Chester Ballesteros

H E L P my previous characters was lost when i accidentaly press yes link account on cp to proceed in PC yet i never did link at first on hand the NOX to link on my cp pls can i revive it or start all over again when i already went level 27 all 4 characters with lots of S R even standby SR box when i try new creation same names i had it said already exist do you think it will return.please help

jojo abadiano

im playing lineage 2 in my ipad can i also play it in pc.

yo mama

the apk url doesnt worksite cant be reached when i download

xBitter Days

Can i play that on laptop in any generation of intel core i5.


Apa kabar :)

Kris Scott

Cant download patch stuck at 99%. I have stable connection. Please help.

Zoey Afiah

Hi.Need your help I was to download it run select language and server but after I select server always stuck at loading screen and suddenly the game close :(. Tried uninstall and reinstalling Nox and Lineage same result. Help please.

David Sunarto

Hi Ice a helpful video It work properly on my laptop But i want to ask everytime i close the game and go back to play again it keeps re-downloading and patching again 1Gb and itsarrgggh groarrr Need guidance about this matter Thank You so much (> <)

Rafael So

i got all best in settings but the graphics kinda all choppy even skill lol

Ganicus Monsterkeeper

it doesnt work. its says " unfortunately browser has stopped".

ZZtop stranger

i cant find lineage 2 : revolution in fucking play store i instaled it on my phone but on pc it just finds some fucking tips and guides for lineage not the actual game


Why i cant seems to find my character from my game center to the Nox player Lineage 2 revolution

Richard Kevin

im stuck at 99%. anyone can help me.i'm playing on an i7 computer with 16gb ram and 4gb ddr5 nvidia video card. my internet connection is 15mbps. any advice guys.i already waited for more than 2 hours still going back and forth 99%

Romain Denimal

I can play Lineage 2 server Korean with this video.

Tran Minh Nhat

I already tried this but Google Play on Nox and BS2 did not show any result for Lineage 2 Revolution. Do I have to set my location to China or Korea or anywhere specific.

kestas galatiltis

What computer parametres (minimum) supposed to be to play this game.I Have a laptop and its not working.

amir Mirahmadi

how can i play with my existing IOS(iphone) account.

bren buenaventura

The game doesn't show the login or server selection it only shows the title and the castle. Did I miss something.

Wilfred Nolasco

Hi. Hope you can help me out. I'm also using Nox Player. I've already installed the game however I have problem. The color of the graphics is inverted. Red is blue. How can I fix this.Respect.

kazugi yamagishi

this work on 15 core 4gig ram.


hi thank for sharing. this is for android user.what about ios.

Tricker Gaming

Helpful Video :)

Nub Sauce

How do you get Vulkan Support on it.I cant seem to get it enabled


Thanks I can play in sever VietNam

Regie Deriquito

link please

Imre Molnár

hei dude how to scroll in game grapics settings menu.


How come I can't find this game in nox player.

Raynier Garcia

is there a way for nox app to be in HD settings.

xGODspeed x

i cant see the inventory and my skills :( but i can play it :(

Modestas Stapulionis

I installed it on my phone today but i cant find it on nox player. Whats the problem.Im from the UK.

Dan Elbert Hermosisima

I'm using nox player as well SPECS: dual core RAM 1600 processor: AMD a4-300 2.54 ghz 4gb RAM Can you help me coz my lineage 2 revolution is really lag and slowthankyou

Kelvin Low

Specs: intel core i5-5200U @ 2.20GHz Ram: 12GB Graphic : Nvidia Geforce 920M i using nox and i got serious lag any solution.


Alright & thanks.

Sean Escaflowne

Can you please help me I played this game on my phone and decided to use nox after an hour I installed nox logged in synced my google account and then launch the game the problem is my character isn't there and it required me to make another charactertoon again its just like I'm playing with a new account again


I preffer to wait till they make regular PC version. This is too buggy and graphics are not really good at all.Its just not good enough. Sorry.I am lineage 2 fan since c3 but with mobile version - it is just a joke for a lineage 2 player not even close. :(

Mono Poly

Hey.I was playing on phone then i tried to play it on nox. However in NOX the game was very bright and the colours seems to be off (yellowish-blondish kind).Any solution.I tried all the settings (best high good) but all are the same. The colour are like those over-exposed kind of colour. But the conversation bar with the NPC seems to be fine it's just the grass monsters other players NPCs etc

Sedey Hartrisno

didn't have Lineage 2 english version :(XP


for some reasonthe graphic is not working I only see half screen black the other half white.anyone can help.

Dustin Nicolas

fvck this. always crashing. nox player

Ac 19

mine crash

Skyze Photography

is see no difference by using opengl or direct x.

Claudius Hansen

bro wanna ask my noxtoday suddenly only black screen after character select do u know how to solve it.thanks


Nox only support google play store.no apple apps store.

Sakdipat Ratanasuree

Share. It's ok. I am play 3 account. setting: cpu 1 core ram 1g or 2g my pc: i5 750 gpu gtx960 ram 16g

Marlon Rivera

how you add account to lineage in game after installation if there is an existing account on android mobile.

Yogi Eltanto

hi i'm playing this game too with nox but until reach some level let say lv 30 and the game just stopped working it says "unfortunately revolution has stopped" did this happened to you.plz help me >.<

Penguin Mina

Hi IceXgame What if i already have the apk file and OBB. Where i should paste it so it will not patch anymore. Thanks a lot.

Ben Hara

why do you need to install the apk file.

Cantuğ Çavuşoğlu

even though my account is synced to google when I try to login via Nox a box appear during login and tells me "mynickname Do you like to load this game data.Your current account is not saved your charachter will be overwritten. Link account to save your game data. " From nox I check google play games and the account was logged in already.What do you think about this issue. I didnt continue after that box appeared cause I dont wanna risk my char.