линейдж 1000 В нашей компании Контрольные Технологии Вы можете купить контрольную линейку КЛ- 1000 по низкой цене.

Дата: 15:15 29.01.2019

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линейдж 1000 В нашей компании Контрольные Технологии Вы можете купить контрольную линейку КЛ- 1000 по низкой цене.
Мы поставляем нашу продукцию по таким городам как: Ижевск Уфа Казань Пермь Новосибирск Самара Екатеринбург Челябинск и. Доставка осуществляется транспортными компаниями: "Деловые линии" "КИТ" "ПЭК" "Желдорэкспедиция". © 2019 Контрольные технологии. Разработка сайта — Интернет-компания " Инсайт " Измерительный инструмент Описание Линейки изготавливаются с пределами измерений 150 300 500 1000 мм. Отклонения от номинальных значений длины шкалы и расстояний между любым штрихом и началом или концом шкалы не должны превышать значений указанных в таблицах. Линейки измерительные изготавливаются из стальной холоднокатаной термообработанной ленты с полированной поверхностью имеют антикоррозийное гальваническое хромовое покрытие. ГОСРЕЕСТР РФ Регистрационной №20048-05 до 17 07 2020 г. Свидетельство№221911 Позвоните нам 7 499 268-15-61или напишите[email protected] Мы ответим на все Ваши вопросы.TheEmbraer Lineage 1000is a variant of theEmbraer 190 regional jetairliner launched as a private jet on May 2 2006.Manufactured by theBrazilianaerospace firmEmbraer the Lineage is advertised as an "ultra-large"business jetwith comfortable seating for 19. The Lineage 1000 is largely based on the successful Embraerpassenger jet theEmbraer 190 with addedfuel tanksin the lower deck cargo hold space nearly doubling the jet's range. It boasts a lavish interior divided into up to 5 sections including an optional bedroom washroom with running water and a walk-in cargo area at the rear. Itsfuselagecross-section is larger than similarly pricedbusiness jetslike the $Global 5000 $Falcon 7Xor $Gulfstream G600 but smaller than other airliner conversions : theSukhoi Superjet 100 [4] B737-based $Boeing Business Jet -1 or A320-based $Airbus Corporate Jets 319. The Lineage 1000 received itscertificationfrom Brazil'sANACand fromEASAin December 2008.It was certified by the USAFederal Aviation Administrationon 7 January 2009.[5] The first Lineage 1000 was delivered to HE Aamer Abdul Jalil Al Fahim on May 7 2009.[6] In October 2013 Embraer introduced the Lineage 1000E which delivers greater range - 4 600 nm (8 519 km). In addition the new Lineage 1000E features new in-flight entertainment and cockpit options.[7] General characteristics Performance Avionics Honeywell Primus Epic™[13] Related development Aircraft of comparable role configuration and era Related lists If you are a registered please log in. If not please click here to register. Updated by JETNET weekly Sign upfor Intelligence to receive JETNET market updates


That's Google's private business plane.

YMML SpottingTeam

Fantastic catch mate that is one hideous looking Embraer Nevertheless a great vid huge like :D

Franck Charron

beautifull air plane good video thanks for that.

lucas Caetano dos santos

Embraer ????????????????????????

John Helfgott

Camera.What do u use.


Seemed like he had quite a long takeoff run.


one day i can bye the plane

Syed Hoque

Spectacular.:-) It looks like an Etihad Jet.

Oki Love

Very good looking plane. I wonder if the wings are made to absorb turbulence for a smoother flight for customers

Tulio Fonseca

Such a gorgeous bird.Embraer is one of the only things that makes us (Brazilians) proud. Thanks for the video.

Christopher Vanderpool

Aah the Embraer Lineage makes her return. Compared to the other Lineage you caught a few months ago I like this ones paint scheme more just a matter of opinion. Thanks for this great catch.

saint r

just spotted this plane yesterday at SNA airport simply amazing :)

TheMacki95 TheMacki95



I like the Twin Star in the background better 0:41


Good catch


The color makes the plane look ugly.

Marlon de araujo costa

Vc é único que não sabe o que está falando sobre os aviões da Embraer só para sua informação os aviões da Embraer e os melhores e mais seguro do mundo a coisa mais difícil na vida e que ouvir falar q um avião da Embraer caiu seu sem noção

Da Foita

Am i the only one to fly on aplane made in Brazil.Sou o unico com medo de viajar num avião construído no Brasil.

Helder Dacosta

definitely the most elegant of its category

saint r

i believe this is owned by the aircraft company


She's beautiful.

William Sousa

Da Foita a tecnologia brasileira é conaiderada a melhor do mundo se você nao confiar na Embraer que avião vai voar no mundo nergume burrao

Xtreme ROHAN

why was star wars written on 2:25. pause video and then watch on left

John Anderson

Just a warmed over RJ not enough range and too large for smaller airports won't sell many


Wow.Awesome.Great video

Marc Antoni

Beautiful amazing jet

Andrew Anane

what a beautiful plane and video.

aroldo magalhães silva magalhães silva

Good job Embraer