lineage os oneplus one Oneplus One Lineage Os 15

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lineage os oneplus one Oneplus One Lineage Os 15
We are trying hard to provied Lineage os rom for every possiblesupport us like our facebook page and follow on facebook. Update :  Here is a new updated listed of the device which will be going to get lineageosbased on latest Android P. List of Dev your name Your Email your message

naresh babu

i got error while installing Gapps. error like 70 please help me

Luca Piga

how to enter in that restart menu.

Arbaz Ahmed

after installing i am not getting pixel launcher it's just google launcher could you tell me how can i get like u have

Ibrahim Bouagal

after installing lineage os my phone is stuck on bootloop and restarts

Yash Pandya

That thing u did with the clock application and the calendar application running both at the same time what do u call it and is it a standard Android 7.1.1 feature or a Lineage OS feature.

Ashish Kumar

your video is awesome and your effects are too awesome

Rishabh Kumar

stuck on the boot animations. what should i do.

Fury Morales

how can I change the google search appearance on the top.mine looks like a horizontal bar on home screen

Sasank K

Which arm we have to select in gapps


I am coming from CM 13.1. I backed up my dataapps. Flashed using TWRP. How do I transfer all my apps and whatnot from the old ROM to the new one.

Marco Vogelezang

you say to download gapps mini what if I download stock instead.Will I be able to choose Google Now Launcher or Pixel Launcher.

rachha chandu

Tell me the platform dude

Shoeb Khan

Hi Im coming from CM13.0. I want to flash Lineage OS. Do I need to flash the experimental build first and then the nightly.or directly flashing the nightly will work.

sanjay kunbi

Bro my one plus one is stuck on one plus logo screen I was trying to install lineage. I'm only able to go in fast boot and not in recovery Please help

Jim Au

I have got a second hand one plus one with TWRP installed. I am a newbie. After the rom flashing it will wipe all my existing apps on the phone isnt it.

Rabi Narayan Panda

i love u bro. all videos r waste only U R The Best. i have been succesfully installed lineage by follwing ur steps only.

Saksham Madan

How much time will it took to start the os.Its showing logo animation from 5 minutes.


This is the absolute best tutorial toget lineage on OPO. No where else seems to be as intuitive. thanks a ton.

Adi Plato

What data can be lost in the process.should i backup anything.

Nev Tay

how did u get the google search bar to shrink into a floating bubble instead of all the way across the screen.

Shashank Jagadish

makemydroid Hi great vid Does it support gestures.draw V to toggle flash light swipe on top of screen to adjust brightness.

mohamed amine ben soltana

u have 4 hands.

Anthony Corbin

How Can you be showing somebody somethingand doing things in the background.with the same project without mentioning it.


Official lineage os for oneplus one s:download.lineageosbacon#.i haven't used this one in my device but it's the official one i did the video about the unofficial one bcoz the offical one is not released at that time. Peace.

Saksham Madan

I need help i stuck on lineage logo animation after official lineage os boot from twarp. still loading from 10 minutes. what to do now.

Mohd Arif

hi thanks for the tutorial very helpful but please help as after the update i am not able to recieve files via shareit error file generation failed or xender also not able to copy from PC. Reply pls. Thanks in advance

Nima Jafari

Update your TWRP.

Gabor Gabor

Does wi-fi works on any of the builds.


First thanks for the video. I installed official LineageOS and the phone booted on LOS 14.1. I turned it off and flashed but after reboot it is on the loading icone end nothing seems to happen. Any idea why.Should I wipe et reinstall everything.

Rahul Bhosale

Is there theme engine available in this lineage os like we used to have a theme engine in cyanogen OS.

Karan Bulchandani

Unable to download apps from play store after updating to official Lineage OS

James Cameron

lineage installation has hung for two hours in the boot screen. I rebooted reflashed but it's still stuck at boot screen of lineage.I'm guessing this isn't normal.I also had difficulties following your TWRP flash video which took over an hour to complete the first time (unsuccessfully) but went through successfully very quickly the second time. Are there next steps as this seems to be stuck in loop on boot screen

Rory Graham

keyboard doesn't work


HI I am somehow unable to download any gapps. It goes on to download till 60-70% within few minutes and then suddenly it crashes I have tried every option gapps has to offer but to no avail. Will you be so kind to upload the gapps you downloaded and share it with google drive. My phone is useless without any google application. Please help me out you will be a life saver.

Arbaz Ahmed

after flashing os my whole screen watermarked with "cm to lineage migration build " any solution for this


might be a good video but with the music you just can't follow the explanations

Sachin Gandas

is this official rom for OnePlus one.

Anil Ch

Really liked the video and your efforts. helpful. Which phone you used to shoot this video.

Kishor Gehlot

it failed updating zip and showing E:Error executing updater binary in zip

Boby Robert

Had a few problems because twrp recovery screen was not coming even after repeated tries. I was on CM 13 later found out that that was the problem. The recovery image file wasn't compatible with cm 13 I had to manually download the latest twrp image file and rename it to recovery.img( for convenience ). Which OS were you on before flashing.

carlitos bosch


anandsvarup bhatia

any ROM with VoLTE support.

Zaur Ramizoğlu

lin-e-age ˈlinēij

Jack Srini

Does it support VoLTE.

Mohammed Thariq

waiting for Google pixel looks and assistant



Juan Flores

Can you use the stock recovery on the OnePlus One to install this over an official Cyanogen Mod marshmellow rom for the OnePlus One or do you need to root and install TWRP in order to get LineageOS on the OnePlus one.


Thanx working

Rahul jadhav

Hey bro.Am getting this error (E error executing updater binary in zip) Please do help me out


this music

Tech Revive

does the phone lags after flashing the rom & what about the battery how long it sustains.

Rory Graham

How long does it take to install.Cause It's been going about 10 minutes and nothing yet

Divyesh Mistry

you can also enjoy 7.1.2 Nougat version on your OnePlus One check out the guide here - s:obeygeekdownload-oneplus-one-7-1-2-nougat-resurrection-remix-5-8-3-rom


Make My Droid is there root enabled sir.on lineage website it says there is no root.

Mohammed Thariq

how to root it.the developer option is not working

Gangadhar Sunami


Tejesh Reddy

what type of GAPPS Should I download

Gangadhar Sunami

Bro pls tell how can i make my oneplus one VOLTE plzzzzz

ram reddy

after flashing phn is getting charged very slowly is this normal

Vijay Inani

does it have VoLTE support.

Fábio Matos

I always get into loop boot after doing this any solutions.

Aditya Tawade

is this fully stable room Guys need help Thank you

Mangesh Barde

Thank you so much Make My Droid.

Aryan Kandhari

is the ROM rooted.

Mohammed Thariq

upload some thing channel seems dead :)

Kishore Gollapalli

Bro this will enable VOLTE.please let me know I want to try my JIO SIM to work.many thanks.