линейдж 16 [Supported devices Update] List Of Android Devices Getting Lineage OS 16 (Android 9.0 Pie): Google has finally revealed the name of upcoming Android 9.0 and it is Android Pie. The unofficial builds

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линейдж 16 [Supported devices Update] List Of Android Devices Getting Lineage OS 16 (Android 9.0 Pie): Google has finally revealed the name of upcoming Android 9.0 and it is Android Pie. The unofficial builds
The unofficial builds of Lineage OS 16 have been started rolling out. Many popular devices have received the ROM. Below we have shared all the details about that. Update Nov. 2018: If your device has not received Lineage OS 16. You can check out the Download AOSP Android 9 Pie ROM For All Supported Android Phones Check Our Dedicated Post On Lineage OS 16 Features and Release Date below Lineage OSFeatures The users will get to see the amount of time they are spending on apps and will also get to set timers on such apps that happen to be addictive. App icons will turn grey when the user reaches the time limit. All the devices which have received the official build of Lineage OSwill get the Lineage OS 16 Custom ROM. The unofficial Lineage OSROM will be available for most of the android devices. Check Out > List Of Huawei and Honor Devices Getting Official Android PUpdate Check Out > List Of LG Devices Getting Official Android PUpdate Check Out > List Of OnePlus Devices Getting Official Android PUpdate Check Out >List Of Samsung Devices To Get Official Android PUpdate More device and manufacturer will be added when we have any information about them. So keep visiting the page. Androidandroid p Android Pie Lineage OS 16 Lineage OS 16 Device List Lineage OS 16 Supported Devices LOS 16How to Root Energy Phone Colors and Install TWRP RecoveryList Of LG Devices Getting Official Android PUpdate About the authorRMG Staff RootmygalaxyRMG is one of the biggest Android Guide websites which has been serving for last 4 years. The site gets avg.million views per month These Posts are done by RMG Team Members. Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved byRMG Media Group. By continuing to use the site you agree to the use of cookies.more information Accept The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Close Голосуем.Поделитесь материалом с коллегами: Номер материала: ДБ-590496 Не нашли то что искали.Воспользуйтесь поиском по нашей базе из 3406730 материалов. Все материалы размещенные на сайте созданы авторами сайта либо размещены пользователями сайта и представлены на сайте исключительно для ознакомления. Авторские права на материалы принадлежат их законным авторам. Частичное или полное копирование материалов сайта без письменного разрешения администрации сайта запрещено.Мнение редакции может не совпадать с точкой зрения авторов. Ответственность за разрешение любых спорных моментов касающихся самих материалов и их содержания берут на себя пользователи разместившие материал на сайте. Однако редакция сайта готова оказать всяческую поддержку в решении любых вопросов связанных с работой и содержанием сайта. Если Вы заметили что на данном сайте незаконно используются материалы сообщите об этом администрации сайта через форму обратной связи.


Since I had to update PUBG Mobile on my Lineage 15.1 Smartphone it stopped working as well maybe it became of of the apps which detect that it's not stock android

Imran Hasan

Boss I want to use coustomrom for nokia 5. Please. Help me

Prasath mano

It s work on7 pro.

Frag Dark

What is the intro music name sir

B10K PlaysGames

Lineage os is complete crap.

Gàmèr Bøy MàHi

Need lineag rom for Micromax Q350


Pubg fixed.


Leanage.Come again

Gamer TV

I have this on my s7(g930F)

Harikrishnan R

Which is the best rom for honor 6x pls rply

ResurrectioRemix OS


Jammal Anis

Rom for sony l1


Is there a oneplus5t Android 9 system.

crazy Hacker


Vijay creations

Plz post any custom rom for Micromax spark 4g mobile

Kevin Bhasi

2:23 I'm not sure about this but I think the placement of the volume and shutdown menus would actually be aligned to the placement of the volume and power buttons on the device in Android One. If that's the case then I think Lineage has another bug to squash…

Sajjad Hossain

How to flash this rom on oppo a57

Adam Maxe

LineageOS 16 isnt out yet thou even for devs so this is bullshit thats 15.1.You just need to check their webpage.

Monjurul Hasan Jaki

Is it work on Samsung galaxy Grand Duos GT-I9082

Claudio Sozio

Hello.How do I install lineaege on Asus zenpad p024.

Stef Gaming

Using LineageOS 16 on my Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9195

Aaqib Bashir

jio calling not working. What should i do.


Samsung S3 Samsung S9.

Saurabh Kumar

if u can please show a video of pixel experience also

BJJ Live Brasil

Pugb not start.

Jeff Medley

Samsung grand prime pro 2018.

Nitesh Chaurasia

Can you tell me how to fix twrp asking for password.I have to completely wipe out my phone to install any rom


Can it be installed on Micromax a107

Abhishek Sharma

Hey I love ur videos nd hats off man U give very good details in ur videos. I m using Redmi Note 5 installed Pixel Experience(official) rom I m getting screen one-time of about 9hrs 15min. But not too much standby time. There r almost no bugs. Only one issue is te front camera quality is too grainy(in pre-installed Gcam) how do I fix it. And should I use this rom of Lineage OS 16(unofficial)..What will be the difference.

Mohan Bhati

Is pubg issue is solved now.

Hardik Arora

Can we install this rom on Samsubg J8

Ян Н.

No switch in Recents view. It's Android 9 In samsung s7 with android 8.0 i have a choice to view Recents view in list or thumbnail list

satta matka

Plzz give me vivo y28 ios rom

karan kumar

After installing this rom in redmi note 4 internal storage is not mount in recovery mode. Please help me

Ekrem Bayram


Prasath mano

It s work for j7 pro j730GM android 8.1.


Why is there a oppo find X in the thumbnail.


cant detect sim on my Galaxy Note3

Hoa Nguyen

Pixel Ex is the best. - kenzo

Denny 927

always tempted by installing ROMs but cannot see the point nothing better than yours stock firmware free of bugs


Not worth it I have installed it used it but gone back to stock

Bret Douchet

It's basically the only pie rom rn

ArLo W

How about hotspot.

Prasath Sandhya

Samsung galaxy on7 pro 600fy it swork.

Wayne Dass

nvidia shield k1.

Guy Dviri

usb tethering need get fixed.

тупо H4SYAN

Ебать у тебя ублюдский акцент

guruge creation

Samsung galaxy tab 3v Rom..

Prmshz Karmacharya

which phone are you using in video.

Mark Anthony

add samsung j8 too

Crossby Guerra

Can I upgrade to lineage os 16 from 15.1.Without losing my data.

Gary Keenan

The sound in this video is terrible. You should use a pop filter and maybe compress your audio.

vineet kumar

Still that old message interfaceboooo

Min Totoi

The rom is good if the dev is active fixing all the bugs


Son of a mother.what just i watched.:(

well wisher

If no PUBG than its waste ????

Game of Roms

Download Lineage os 16 :- s:tweakguylineageos-16-android-9-pie Download Recovery Needed :- s:tweakguydownload-twrp-exclusive-red-wolf-recovery Android Pie Rom For Oneplus Phones:- s:tweakguyoneplus-x-oneplus-2-oneplus-3-aosp-android-pie-rom Aosp Pie Rom:- s:youtubewatch.v=OIHGIK6E5P8&t=180s Pie Developer Preview Review:- s:youtubewatch.v=mtmtagYnYzU For More Roms:- s:tweakguy

Jon Claude

bruh.these people havent even fixed the bugs for their oreo rom n made this. smh

Prakash Niraula

How fast your gcam takes shots. On my 3T it takes time

Aaryan Verma

Can you provide the Gcam app link you have used in this.

Athira S S

Wallpaper please.

Jithin G

U can add gestures just by editing build.prop

Eugene Kitty

Another raw firmware there are bugs. A security alert flies constantly.

Sagar Chaurasiya

Is it for Moto g4 plus suitable100%.

Lorenzo De Berardinis

Liquid Remix>>> LOS is one of the worst

Darshil Maru

Downloaded it and yeah it's fantastic ROM Just love it Thanks for Making videos and don't stop it

vara prasad1998

Plz do it for Oppo f9pro plzz

Alul Crispy

For SPC X2 pls

Rog HunTer

when you r too rich that you place your monitor on the cover of the MacBook pro man it hurts???? but still nice video man keep up the good work

Lâm Quang Khải

Port by oppo a37 sir.



Marys Saputra

Redmi Note 4.

Shakti Panda

Will it be available for Redmi 5A in the future.I seriously doubt it because they don't even have nougat for Redmi 5A

Roman Bruno Soley

in my case there is no custom rom for my phone i have the vivo xplay 6snap 820 6gb ram andoid 7.0 how i proceed in my case.

Alejandro Angel

Lineage Os 15 bricked my Moto G 2013????????????????


Xiaomi please update miui to pie. It's embarrassing

Till Hansen

Just wait for the official one and don't use something unstable and not completely working thing like this.

Amrai asi

is this available for redmi note 5 vince

Kunal Dubey

which is best pie rom.


Does the stock sms app able to block messages using wildcards.

Pushyanth digumarthi

No finger print option in Redmi 4


PixelExperience the best.


no one of the WORST

saripu l citationes

what bug.

Rajdeep Ganguli

Kindly mention the camera app. Thanks.

Strings Ahmed

a video for los16 on whyred also plz.and check 2 4g sims working or not request

Javeed mohammad

Different roms for Moto e2 3g

S Place

Good video but Hard to understand the language and words. Please be more clear next time :)

Eric Sharp

Do Indians use the word "the".I haven't hear him say it once.

Aeldred Delacruz

Is this working on my phone pantech VEGA secret note.Now I'm using lineage nougat.

Yosuke Rechain

Bug for r3s prime.

KEN StreetFigter II

for samsung gt i9082.

susant creations

How install root phone gcamera


Lenovo K6 Power.

Ibigay Mona

Indian flim

Adriano Souza

Existe alguma versão compatível com Ulefone Mix.


best rom for playing games.

lonely wanderer

Is it available for oneplus 2.

KafaSı NeT

Is the FM radio.

Bintang Kecil

rom for redmi 3 pro (ido).