lineage 2 ost Dryante - Town Of Dion Theme [Shepard's Flute] ( LineAge 2 II OST Cover). L2pride FastAssassin Vs Heavy

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lineage 2 ost Dryante - Town Of Dion Theme [Shepard's Flute] ( LineAge 2 II OST Cover). L2pride FastAssassin Vs Heavy
©- Скачать музыку.Русская Музыка.Зарубежная Музыка.Обращение к пользователям Criss CrossHace 4 meses Those golden days will never come back but it is nice to remember. βαγγέλης βαγγελακηςHace 8 meses I play 11 years lineage i play 11 years soulhoud My first and my Last class Hit the SkyHace 2 meses there was no kamael 11 years ago update with them was released in 2008 Nick SmithHace 11 meses It’s fabulous :3 Thomas THace un año memories im crying 墨白天下Hace un año my fav music from lineage 2 Luan JorgeHace 3 meses Mine fav too it make us to imagine many things about l2 moments Gromek SEHace 8 meses 墨白天下 This one is rly good but Freya theme is fucking masterpiece imo. Андрей КактотакHace un año одна из лучших мелодий л2 LaudanumHace 4 años Best music. Random FunHace 4 años Free wood armor set anybody.Go to Kamael village and do that quest :D DivinyDarkHace 5 años Btw Kamael Have SteamPunk style :) Boyd The MilkmanHace 4 años Nothing is steampunk about them except maybe thier melee weapons. The Dwarves are very steampunk in this game. Boyd The MilkmanHace 5 años Kah-Male. Bartz KondraHace 5 años Kocham :* M MulvisyahHace 5 años miss my first char LaudanumHace 6 años Самая любимая и щемящая мелодия. TheArtiniumHace 6 años О да.Когда качал камаеля всегда слушал.TimesNewRomanHace 6 años понимаю бро Андрей АнатольевичHace 6 años ЭхМне 16 щасРаньше когда был в 6 классе играл в нее по 19- 20 часовМинимум 1 час я пробегал мимо и слышал эту песнюУчился я очень плохоБыл бледным постоянноА сейчас когда я изменился я слушаю ее и сердце кровью обливается если честно. OhI'm 16 right nowIn the past when I was in 6th grade played it for 19 - 20 hours minimum1:00 I ran past and I heard this songI studied very badIt was always pale nowwhen I changed it and I listen to my heart bleeds to behonest Emilija MarkeHace 6 años Now this is classic Emilija MarkeHace un año :) kurosakifunHace 7 años although it is has many copies from star wars many loops here are created by John williams's melodies ChaosCollectionHace 7 años It's like an Ennio Morricone western theme CvnctatorHace 7 años The only good thing of Kamael race.their village theme Darius ReglorHace 7 años When I need to relaxI justlisen to this song or huntersdion thems.L2 Best Game Ever. irllcd13Hace 7 años I quit L2 long before Kamael were added. Terrible game with great potential. Such a shame. marcos peralesHace 7 años awsome i love this theme 1 of the best from l2 jobzasadHace 7 años Love This songgg jobzasadHace 7 años Love This Song. Boyd The MilkmanHace 7 años @skipioni14 So do I man. I think we all wanna be the little noobs we started out as when we first played L2. Sure it's not the best MMO out there; but it certainly has a lot of great memories tied to it. Lol I got lost for eight hours the first day I played walked from the DE village all the way to Valley of Dragons and everywhere inbetween dying so much in the process. xD Hasanaj SelamHace 8 años I WANNA BE NOOB AGAIN.T T WHY CANT IT BE LIKE THAT.T T I MISS THE TIMES THAT I WAS LEARING HOW TO PLAY AND LISTINING EVERY MUSIC THAT WAS SHOWED UP ON EVERY VILLAGE.Shawn LuanHace 8 años female kamael is so damn hot Wolfgang SchubertHace 9 años beautyful.MaledictHace 9 años YesVery Powerful proud. but lonely.A threshold of great heroic adventures.) Boyd The MilkmanHace 9 años One of the more powerful songs added to the game. Old School Lineage 2 Club Game of Tens Two Steps From Hell Арина Данилова Om TV Erwin Schrodinger Sweet MelodiousSteven BlackVEVO silenig Atalantos1 Decca Records Classical Hardlight08 ZO'R TV Москва 24 Alexandra Posnova AdamThomasMoran Sasha Sotnik Quantum Games Анатолий Шарий Ксения Собчак Юлик Body Mania


Same wish it was more successful back then I played with a few people I met in-game and we didn't even know one another's language


oh God memories.


Nie ty jeden nie ty jeden.

Nathanyel Pontes

O tempo passa tão rápidoLembro-me das madrugadas e noites perdidasFoi o jogo que com certeza me marcou.

николай сухов



Never forgetti so many friends I made in this game it changed my life.

უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ

აუ ქართველები რამდენი ვართ


so many years playing l2so many memmories remains the hours of playingthe joy and the sadness of loosing or some friends retiringsieges withs clans and friends sometimes playing at a server all aloneahhh im happy that i played this game.

Milo Meneses


Sazabi MSN-04

I wish there was another current MMORPG that captured the excitement and essence of L2. Man the politics the pvp the endless group grinds in catacombs fighting over rooms with other warring guilds. I remember the good ol' days when being S class meant you don't fuck with them lol.


porosh L2.kai gamw ta theme songs.




mmmDiondwarfSSDgood times

Akela TheWolf


Adreas Brown



Dion was definitely one of everyone's most favorite spot to sit in the game because of this masterpiece music you could listen there seriously what a track I can listen it non stop for hours without ever bored of it & btw L2 = best MMORPG ever.

Frankie Caia

MemoriesStaris server 20056

Erdal Sanlidag

Such a wonderful song.


So goddamn beautiful

Le Pampa

A simple transition town But how much fucking time i've lost in Dion to Rp with another player

GaiJin proRUS

Innova system has ben started the CLASSIC SERVER X1 C4


Very good.


Aguante templarios gatoooo

Paulos Ryuji

good old memories fun times with allys and friends so many epic battles Lineage 2 felt like a whole new life spent. miss the old days

Bumblebee Bre

reminds me for Doom C2 <3 just so nice.

Anderson Guilherme

Me dá arrepios essa música.



Rorschach Play

this game changed my life

david sanchez andrades

tengo que instalarlo de nuevo me encanta

Huseyn Hajiyev

Who's cutting onions near me.

Gio Gujejiani

So much nostalgia i almost cry when i hear this. God i was playing this a lot. Lot of memories and my childhood


C3C4 and may be C6 us better.GOD ITS FUCKIN SHIT.

estudio 1

i remember T T gludion giran gludin

Ali Alawami

ايام والله ????

Feanor l

atleast this channel uploads the real sound there's channel who uploads everything from l2 but in higher pitch

Iroshka Bell

Omg 2005 memories I am holding my tears I miss my XxLindyxX

John Skouroliakos

Play this game before teen years at the game server The game isn't greek server. My name of clan is BACK. With 55 every day online players. I love that game and I'd anyone of the old member read that letter am waiting to play once more time Ostrogoth With Love.

qbosz qba

Mam dreszcze.


This will always be the best mmo experience I've ever had.

GM 24

For the artist who made this song big respect.Gludio & Dion best songs. I'm crying

Benvola Benvola

bavshvoba gamaxsenda <3 <3

William Duran

i remember 9899

Joan Sena

Dio use ZA WARUDO and get to Dion village.

NiX Dominate


Travel & Dreams

Una de las mejores canciones del L2 sin duda. recuerdo cuando jugaba en el Interlude

николай сухов


Gerardo Borgiani

When I was 13-14 I usued to play L2 a lot. I was victim of bullying and that was my escape the world where I can be who I really want to. This song brings me a lot of peace and makes me cry Thank you Lineage.

Rodrigo R. Martinelli

It's a shame that no one can put up a decent Interlude server where you don't have to donate or grind like there's no tomorrow to get anything. Some PvP-centered fun with mid-rate would be so appreciated nowadays

Cole Austin

Wow what is this game for.


u do.where.

Mauricio Lorando

saudade dos anos 2002 qdo tive minha Lan House melhor jogo

Roland Timmerman

After so many years I can still hum along with the music

Random Fun

BTW if any former members from Millenium clan read this : S'up guys miss youThis is HeArTBeaT

Lyubomir Maksimov

reminds me the days of C3 C4 when i used to craft shots all day in Dion :D

Benas Streigys

Impossible to forget these memories :)


I'm halfway through creating a C5 Private server with low exp. We just need the people to be able to make it like that. I'll keep you up to date though friend.

Random Fun

for those who play skyrim i am currently trying to bring lineage 2 map and some more famous quests to Skyrim Allready finised the dwarven village working on orc village now

Rodrigo Dourado


Lineage II VD

1 theme song thousands of memories



Eneko Santiago

L2 4ever


Reminds me time when I went behind the church drop my items log on other account and take it.good times :)

Rodrigo Diez

que recuerdos cuando jugaba L2 con mi enana con sub-clase de soultakerrecuerdos inolvidable marco una etapa


this game was so hardcore hahaha


i still playing c4 and its awesome.

Pupob Yuke

amazing memory


Good Old Times :)

Boatz Screomz

good memories


Dion norths gate = best PvP location in Lineage 2 : )

Boatz Screomz

good memories

Palo Kan

ssc on higher XP and Gold servers otherwise people won'T have the money for C grade when leveling around dion ^^ the good old timesi miss C4 and interlude.


so nostalgic

Sanjar Xudoyarov

Мое детства а какие времена били стоко я тут провёл свое времия на ДИОНЕ Каждый раз туда хотел шмотки пушки точит и слушел эту музыку ЭХХХХХ

Felipe L.P

2006 2007 2008 ;)


Wich one was your hunting spot while being at Dion.Cruma marshlands Partisan Hideway Execution Groundsjust outside on the hills killing eyes wolves bugbears.:-)



უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ

i have my annual nostalgia hitting in :

Dimi M

L2 music is one of the best i have ever heard in an mmo.

Gas Barusa

мммм ПвП ворота на Дионе :)


best game ever made.

Thiago Freitas

This remind me C3 lots of memories from this cityi wish i could play C3 again L2 is dead this Goddness of destruction insn't L2.




wts brigadine set fast

gain al

This one is definitely amongst the best out of all themes.


The best game runnied by bots.


Im so old :'(


Ха а мне если честно только гирановский(может много провел времени в нем.ост запомнился хотя эта больше нравится D

German Pizarro

exelente :-)

Silviu Bodnar

L2 died when Kamael was born.

Sebastian Sanabria

WW plz

Erik Angelion

Oh god the good ol times of just standing in the Dion getting goosebumps from the music and simply watching other people taking care of their business selling buying creating raids talking or just screwing arround with pvp outside of the gate. I really wish all of that wouldcome back but thats not possible The Era of Lineage 2 is unfortunately gone :( Now Im trying to bring some of it back by playing games like Tera but that simply doesnt cut it God bles Lineage 2.

Erdal Sanlidag

Such a wonderful song.


Sounds like Sea Theme from Heroes and might and magic 4 dont like this game.

ivan miranda

Ufff que recuerdos se me vino en la cabeza :`) aguante el L2.C4 CLAN:CORONA Rlz.


Эх Ла2 такие воспоминания

Bogumił Z

Damn those memories.


One of the very few if only mmorpgs where I've felt like I was on an actual adventure when playingalas that was way back thenhow times have changedhow I've changed T T

Erwan Mess


Zoltán Szászi

Oh the memories